The new Connect it Boat update is here

In addition to numerous improvements, the update also includes two great new features:

1. Social media trip sharing
Inspire your social media friends and followers with your boating experiences. Share your trips with the new „Trip Sharing“ feature of Connect it Boat. With a few simple clicks in the App, you can share your boat trips on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat, and also send them via email or short message. The trip route is shown, as well as the duration of the trips, the distance between the start and end points, and the boat speed during the trip. Use the new „Trip Sharing“ feature to share your passion and joy for boating with the social media world.

2. Email notification
You do not necessarily need your phone at hand to read the notifications about movement, battery or bilge pump of your boat. Use the feature „email notification“ and get your alarms via email on your laptop or tablet.

Did you know?
If you own a smartwatch, you will be able to read the notificaions of Connect it Boat directly on your smartwatch. Connect your smartphone with your smartwatch and be connected with your boat all the time.