New Connect it Boat web portal report and app improvements

several boats on a coast in aerial view

To ensure the safety and traceability of every unauthorized action of your boat, we implemented two new functions into the Connect it Boat app and web portal:

  • We improved the handling of alarm notifications in order to avoid skipping push alerts accidentally. By clicking on an incoming push alert, you will be redirected to the Connect it Boat app to confirm the notification.
  • The new report “Alarm Log” provides you a clear overview of all alarms which already have been triggered – including information about the boat, date, and time as well as the type of the alarm.


Did you know?
The Trip Report in the Connect it Boat web portal allows you to view all driven directions and turns of your boat during the selected journey. This function helps you to see how your boat was handled at that trip and is especially interesting when you borrowed your boat to a friend or if you own a charter company.